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To enhance account protection, Sprint requires you to secure your account with a 6- to 10-digit personal identification number (PIN).

You'll need your PIN or the answer to your security question to access your account online, or when calling Customer Service for assistance. This will better ensure that no one else can access your account without your authorization.

Tips for creating a secure PIN:
Choose a 6- to 10-digit number you can easily recall, but make sure it's not easy for someone else to guess. Avoid using parts of your phone number or a birth date for example.

For your protection, you can't create a PIN that contains:

Viewing, modifying or retrieving your PIN:
You can easily view and modify your PIN. If you forget your PIN, you can retrieve it in several ways:

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    Return Policy

    HTC powered by Best Buy will gladly refund payment for any product or mobile device purchased on this site and returned within these stated terms.

    Returns in Store

    You can return or exchange items purchased on this site at a Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile specialty store up to 15 days from the original purchase date. Items purchased here may also be returned by mail.

    Returns by Mail

    To complete a return by mail, call us at 1-866-586-2810 (6 a.m. to midnight CT) to receive a return authorization and shipping label.

    Items returned by mail must be received in our returns center within 15 days from purchase to be eligible for a full refund. You may be responsible for return shipping charges depending on the condition of each item.

    All Returns

    The following applies to all returned items:

    Your account with the carrier is established on the day your device is shipped. You are responsible for all standing and usage fees charged by the carrier from the moment of activation.

    Phones returned with more than 450 minutes of talk time will not be accepted.

    If you return a device without all components included in the original shipment, or if you deactivate your service with your carrier without returning your mobile device, you will be charged a $500 fee.

    Please remove all personal data from any returned products. Best Buy Mobile Solutions is not responsible for removing personal data (contacts, calendars, call records, etc.) from returned mobile devices.

    Refunds will be credited to the original credit card number used for your purchase. Please allow 14-21 days to process your credit.

    Promotional Items and Bundles

    As a benefit to our customers, Best Buy Mobile Solutions occasionally offers promotional items and savings with a purchase or on a bundle of items when they are purchased together. When returning a product that included a free gift with purchase or that was included as part of a promotional bundle, you must also return the free gift item or every item of the bundle to receive a full refund. Any free gift or bundle discount is void where any associated item is returned without the promotional item and the total value of the bundle discount or free promotional item will be deducted from the refund.

    For instance, if you purchase a mobile device and plan and receive a $25 gift card, and then return the mobile device without the gift card (or if the value of the gift card has been depleted) the $25 value of the gift card would be subtracted from your refund. In another example, if you purchase a mobile device and plan and receive 50% off a mobile phone accessory and then return the mobile device without the accessory, the value of the accessory discount (50% of the regular price of the accessory) would be subtracted from your refund. This occasionally results in additional funds being owed to Best Buy Mobile.